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Nihar - Rumble / Vermillion Garden 12" (Psychic Liberation)

Recommended by Topazu

Our very own Nihar from TVOD has a release on Nick Klein's Psychic Liberation label. Rumble / Vermillion Garden explores the many aspects of Nihar's ethos as a musician, organizer and activist. Rumble's Tabla rhythms encircle the listener as flourishes of synths build into intensity. Vermillion Garden is a entoxicating, cybersexual endeavor with carnal pulsations and acidic hypnotism. Both tracks by design activate the sinews of the body (animal, cerebral, visceral) against a music industry in which we have allowed ourselves to concede to.

The record is accompanied by a text titled "Up Against the Music Industry; For a Renegade Future" written by the artist himself. A call to critically dismantle a music industry created to turn art into a commodity and to empower those of us who want to cultivate a true independent future.

An essential release.
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