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Dax Pierson - Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction)

Recommended by Sebastián Ortega

Oakland future legend Dax Pierson went in on his latest release Nerve Bumps, with a heavy focus on his ability to control movement with each track. Comparing his previous jam and current version of “For The Angels”, Dax shows listeners how the same set of rhythm patterns and sequences can tell a completely different story. The older version being a more freeform type of dance song, and the new one literally feeling like the Angels he mentions are either singing or screaming something only he can translate.

Dax knows what jacks, but he also knows how to provide sonic soul and soothing dynamics. This release is meant to be listened from start to finish if you want to be keyed into the story Dax is telling.

Shout out to Ratskin Records and Dark Entries for releasing a masterful work by an amazing East Bay artist. I look forward to moving my body on a dance floor someday to these amazing tunes. In the meantime they will get me through my solitude.
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