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SFM Select 5 feat. Tooth

Tooth: “Hey I’m Mike Lehman aka Tooth, a DJ, promoter, and extremely hidden away bedroom beat maker who hails from and resides in Sacramento. I’m sure like most of you reading this, I try to find music appropriate for just about any time or situation in my life, and I spend as much time doing it as any other activity I can think of, other than work (but I have my doubts). I hope these 5 tracks that are heavily frequented in my rotation might make a small dent in yours 😊”

1. Stubb - Love Not Sex (Mori Ra former_airline Texas Hitters Remix)

Embedded content: Tooth: “Let’s start things off psychedelic and downtempo, with this edit by none other than Mori Ra, an Osaka based producer and DJ who is widely known for his edits, disco cuts and DJ sets at Berlin’s legendary Cocktail D’Amour. This one is out on Paper Recordings with a killer original and Leca remix on the B side. Available at most large online sellers as I just received it from Redeye.”


2. Paradise 3001 - Blue Lava

Embedded content: Tooth: “I’m constantly looking for new fresh meditative music which can serve simply as letting me close my eyes and feel like I’m drifting away to someplace else. This track does exactly that and comes on a bizarre and awesome old compilation from 1994 on Dutch label Sun Music. The artist, Paradise 3001, has several dreamy chuggers, replete with field recorded nature samples. He combines them all into this one release, with a few of the tracks feeling very ahead of their time with how well they stand up and sound to this day. This track in particular “Blue Lava” gives a nice floating sensation, all with a sound like that found on modern labels such as NAFF and Pacific Rhythm. This comp and track were only released on CD, but the good news is it’s available to stream on Spotify. Kick the feet up, close your eyes and give this one a few rotations 😊“


3. Iconic Black Suit - ASSid

Embedded content:

Tooth: “Next let’s go into the acidic sphere with this track I dug up a while back on bandcamp. The track is called “ASSid” by Iconic Black Suit. This was put out on an all-acid compilation by Cave Rave Recordings in Denver. I suggest checking out the whole comp, but this track particularly stuck out to me with its hypnotizing acid line and rhythm. Feel like I could dance to this one on loop for hours.“


4. WAVEGUIDE - Venera EP

Embedded content:

Tooth: “ WAVEGUIDE is a Japanese label created by DJ/Producer Stereociti. Found this record at a shop in Tokyo and felt it characterized a lot of the very interesting techno I stumbled upon at various parties during my stay. This is only the 2nd release on the label but seems to be one to watch as it appears to be available at most of the large online retailers making shipping affordable. All 4 tracks are unique in their own way, sticking with a minimal type of sound and texture throughout.”


5. Armando - Dont Take It (Johnny Fiasco Mix)

Embedded content: Tooth: “Going a back a bit, this track has been a favorite of mine lately. Originally produced by acid master Armando in 1988, this was finally released almost 30 years later in 2007 with a wonderfully stabbing remix by Johnny Fiasco. As is the case with many of these rare presses, the market price for the record is high, but it is available digitally for your club needs.”


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