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SFM Select 5 feat. Experimental Housewife

EHW: “Hi I'm Evelyn and I perform as Experimental Housewife. Glad to be asked to share some of my favorite tunes here on SutroFM. Here's a look into what I've been vibing on lately. Some of it is very recent, and some of it is material I’ve been watching closely in the last few years. The main things I personally search for in music include drivenness, consistency, and depth. As a DJ I like to keep it wild and hypnotic, so I always select tracks or combinations of tracks that help me fulfill that mission. This list showcases that variety pretty well.”

1. Daniela La Luz "Counting Days" [Housewax] 2016

Embedded content: EHW: “I discovered La Luz last year and I’ve become a steady fan. Her drums are so dope, and her spiritedness in each song, with her little vocal snippets, are fun and appeasing to the authentic listener. She has her own grooving, idiosyncratic style despite her comparability to Cassy, who I also have gotten into in recent years. Where La Luz kills it for me though is with her hits of pretty lead synth/pad here and there -- always a weakness of mine. Really looking forward to her upcoming releases.”


2. Gilmer Galibard "Brain Poacher" [Lobster Theremin] 2015

Embedded content: EHW: “This record hasn’t left my bag in about three years. I grabbed it right when it came out, and I've been very closely following Galibard since then. I love the intensity and angularity of his productions. Some of his shit is so crazy, it’s almost flat out scary. He hasn’t put out a record in several years but he has been posting dope, crazy tracks on his Soundcloud. “Brain Poacher” is absolutely an apt title of his LT release. It’s a scathing 4-track techno EP, full of sharp metallic percussion and insane layers. It melts your mind in a way that forces you to pay attention. It’s just all really crazy shit.”


3. Aleks "Ground Control" [Deeptrax] 2018

Embedded content: EHW: “I have all of this guy's records. I discovered him in late 2015 and I have been preordering his new records as they appear. I'd definitely award him a "prolific" badge. Dubby, often lo-fi, always deep af. I like this stuff so much it's hard for me to find the proper place for it in my DJ sets; I could just play a little set full of his tracks only. His latest 12” has a serious banger, a track that's a clear departure into a new realm for him. The other three tracks are more so his typical groove. If you want to check out more of his lo-fi, ambient works, I recommend his Shimmering Moods album or “Different Stories” on Hesperian Sound Division.”


4. Cherushii & Maria Minerva [100% Silk] 2019

Embedded content: EHW: “Brand new! These two incredible producers happen to be two of my dearest friends -- members of my wedding party, in fact. I'm so happy to see this project completed. It is a typical display of Cherushii's brilliance around pop constructions and wonderful melodies. Maria's lyrics likewise display her typical musicianship, with curious storytelling and the right amount of relatable lamentation. I always say Cherushii tracks are so full, they’re like complete albums in and of themselves. To take this quality and add Maria's touch to it -- and talent from other dear friends determined to make sure the record gets made -- you get an inexpressibly special sonic experience, a record that should feel like gold in your hands. I remember Chelsea telling me that she and Maria were finally collaborating for a Silk 12", and I knew then it was going to be delicious. I remember saying to her, "Well, finally. That makes too much sense."”


5. Will Ward "DETOUR004" [Detour Pittsburgh] 2016

Embedded content: EHW: “Had a really hard time deciding what gets this last slot, but I’m happy to go with this jam. Just grabbed it in January. I don't know much about the producer, but he's got a few solid EPs out on New Rhythmic, Joton's very busy techno label. Ward maintains a metallic canopy, similar to what I like about Gilmer Galibard's material. But Ward wants to stick more so to progressive density for floor-moving purposes. He ventures with much refinement into the dub-scape while sprinkling emotive poignancy on top of the relentless drums. Detour did a good deed by putting this record out. I have several of their plates at this point and follow them closely as they are excellent selectors. Diving into this 12" was the final persuasive point around how I feel about them: fucking great.”


Follow Experimental Housewife on SoundCloud and catch her at the following upcoming shows: 3/11/19 - Visions Of A New World (live set), 3/27/19 - Housepitality