Topazu is a San Francisco-based selector. She hosts the local Infinite Beat Ambient showcase and radio show, Infinite Beat on SutroFM.

Since 2015, the show features producers, artists and DJs that are shaping the Bay Area sound in experimental synthesis as well as celebrates romanticism, nostalgia and cinematic themes with modern day electronics.

Besides curating Infinite Beat, she has been featured DJing many local shows including Sure Thing, Surface Tension, Honey Soundsystem and Recombinant Media Labs. With her interests in abstract textures, carnal rhythms and her exuberance in darker, chaotic noise, Topazu has also supported many international artists such as Wolfgang Voigt, Evigt Morker, Silent Servant, Takaaki Itoh and Marie Davidson.

She was a featured performer for the first San Francisco edition of Mutek in 2018.

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Independent radio based in San Francisco, CA